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How An AC Zoning System Can Make Your Home More Comfortable

How An AC Zoning System Can Make Your Home More Comfortable

Is your air conditioner constantly running but still not able to cool off certain areas of your house? If you have rooms in your home that stay hot throughout the summer, a zoning system could be the answer to make your home more comfortable. Zoning systems are an HVAC system enhancement that can regulate the temperature in each room of your house.

It is best for you to ask an air conditioning repair contractor to troubleshoot the problem because it could mean that you have a leak in the ductwork or a blockage of some type instead. Whether a zoning system or duct repair is the right solution, you'll enjoy even temperatures throughout your home after the problem is addressed.

How Zoning Systems Work

In some cases, the air conditioning contractor installs dampers at strategic locations inside the ductwork that leads to different rooms in the house. A dedicated thermostat is placed within those trouble zones so the temperature in the room can be better regulated. The various thermostats are wired to one central control unit.

The air conditioning contractor will need to determine the right zoning design and application to enhance your comfort and improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC system.

Zoning Systems Also Help You Save Energy

When you live in different rooms of your home, you don't turn need to turn all the lights on in the house. The same can be true for how you need the air conditioning system. Why cool off every room if you never use some of them?

Most people close off the vent to these rooms, but doing so creates a backflow problem for the air conditioning equipment. The strain this causes for the machinery often leads to more frequent breakdowns and an early replacement. The correct solution is a zoning system. The equipment is installed in such a way that it won't force the air back into the air conditioner. Where needed, a bypass damper can be installed to relieve excess air pressure.

By being able to safely shut off the air conditioning in the rooms of your choice, you have much more control over how much energy you use to cool your home.

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