How On-Demand Water Heaters Can Help You Conserve Energy

Wichita Air Conditioning ContractorAs a homeowner, you're always looking for ways to save energy. Saving energy in your home means saving money, and one of the biggest consumers of energy any home has is its water heater.

Traditional water heaters store gallons and gallons of water in large tanks, and they keep that water heated and ready to be used at all times. These water heaters constantly expend energy to keep water heated, and once their tanks run out of hot water, it can a take a few minutes for them to heat up to more. Traditional water heaters are both inefficient and ineffective.

At Ball Heating & Air Conditioning, our professional Wichita heating contractors can help you install on-demand water heaters to help you conserve energy and make your home more efficient. On-demand water heaters can significantly reduce your energy costs while making your home a more comfortable and functional place.

Here are some of the ways that on-demand water heaters can improve your home's energy efficiency:

They Only Heat Water When You Need It

Instead of continually heating a large tank of water, on-demand water heaters heat water when you need it—hence their name. On-demand water heaters are located at the point of exit for water (e.g., faucets or shower-heads), and they heat the water just as it becomes accessible to you. This means that you always have hot water available to you, and it saves a significant amount of energy.

According to, in homes that use around 41 gallons or less of hot water every day, on-demand water heaters can be 24%-35% more energy efficient than traditional water heaters. If you install an on-demand water heater at each water outlet of your Wichita home, you can save 27%-50% on energy. A typical family can easily save $100 or more with on-demand water heaters.

They Have Longer Lifespans Than Traditional Water Heaters

Most on-demand water heaters last for around 20 year or more. That's compared to the average lifespan of a traditional water heater, which is around 10-15 years. On-demand water heaters have easily replaceable parts and require fewer heating maintenance services and repairs, so you won't just spend less money on replacements, but also on service calls throughout their life.

They Use Much Less Gas

While gas-powered one-demand water heaters will still need to use a pilot light, they'll use much less gas over time than traditional water heaters. The operating costs of pilot lights will vary depending on your model of on-demand water heater, and there are models that use an intermittent ignition device in place of standard pilot lights.

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