How Important Are AC Tune-Ups?

Wichita Air Conditioning ContractorMost homeowners in Wichita wait until there's a major issue with their Air Conditioner before they'll call in a professional for assistance. That's understandable, since before there's a major problem or a complete breakdown of your AC, it's easy to assume that everything is running smoothly. And you wouldn't try to fix a problem that you didn't know existed.

However, when you wait until you need major repairs, you'll end up spending more money and needing more extensive repairs than you would if you kept your air conditioner well-maintained at all times. Our professionals recommend that you have your air conditioner tuned up at least once every year. Regular AC tune-ups with save you on repairs and on your monthly energy costs.

If you take a look at the benefits, it's easy to see why AC tune-ups are so important.

Why Do Air Conditioners Need to Be Tuned Up?

Throughout the warmer months of the year, your air conditioner is put through a lot of stress. If your AC were a car, you'd be putting an average of 27,600 miles on it per year. So making sure it's regularly maintained is highly important.

Without regular maintenance, inspections, and tune-ups, the machinery of your air conditioner can decay very rapidly. As little as .042 inches of dust build-up in the machine will lead to an efficiency drop of up to 21%, which you’ll notice in your utility costs.

AC tune-ups can be highly beneficial to your air conditioning system and to your entire Wichita home. They'll save you money on both repairs and energy costs, and they'll also extend the lifespan of your air conditioner while ensuring that it runs as efficiently as possible during that time. You won't see nearly as many breakdowns of the system, and it'll be much easier to keep your home cool and comfortable during the summer months.

How Often Should An Air Conditioner Be Tuned Up?

Our professionals recommend that you have your AC tuned up at least once every year, preferably just before the weather starts to heat up again.

After about a year, you’ll need to have your coils cleaned and have various motors worked on. Without that attention, you’ll see a sharp decline in energy efficiency and most likely need hundreds of dollars worth of replacement parts much earlier than you should. A well-maintained air conditioner will last twice as long as one that is not, which means you’ll save thousands of dollars on replacements and installations.

With air conditioning tune-ups, you'll be stopping problems before they get out of hand. While it may seem like you're paying extra money for preventative maintenance, you're actually saving money on repairs, replacements, and energy.

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