4 Signs Your Air Conditioner May Need Repairs

Wichita Air Conditioning Repairs At Ball Heating and Air Conditioning, we understand how important your home air conditioning system is. After all, the Kansas summers can be brutally hot and humid, so it is important that your home be a cool oasis for your household to retreat into during the hottest times of year. However, the normal wear and tear that regular use puts on your Wichita air conditioner can eventually impact the performance of your air conditioner. If you adhere to a strict air conditioner tune-up schedule, your air conditioner is much more likely to go long periods of time without needing repairs, but eventually age and use will catch up to even the most meticulously maintained HVAC system.

June, July, and August are the hottest months each year in Wichita, which means that as summer begins to draw to a close, your air conditioning system has been working overtime for several months. All that strain and stress could start to show up in your system's performance, as signs that your air conditioner needs professional repairs. If you have any of these or other indication that your air conditioner may need repairs, or if you simply want to schedule an air conditioning tune-up to make sure your AC is in top working condition, please contact the Wichita air conditioning repair experts at Ball Heating and Air Conditioning today!

Poor Air Flow

Your air conditioning system should be effectively cooling every room in your home. If you have some rooms that feel cool, or even extra cold, and some rooms that feel warm, then you may have a problem with your air conditioning system. Most of the time, air flow problems indicate that something has gone awry with your ductwork. However, before you call our team for professional ductwork repair, check all the vents in the rooms that are not cooling adequately. If your air supply registers are closed for any reason or if you can see an obstruction inside of your registers, that might explain your air flow problems. Open your air vents, or if necessary remove the vents and any obstructions visible inside the vent. If you removed the vent to clear an obstruction, be sure to replace it but leave it open to allow air to flow into the room. If your room is still not cooling adequately, then call our knowledgeable and helpful team at Ball Heating and Air Conditioning for further troubleshooting and professional repairs!

Blowing Warm Air

Is your air conditioner running, but the air that is coming out of it seems too warm? You could be low on refrigerant or have other serious issues with your unit. However, we do have a few troubleshooting tips to try first. Make sure that your thermostat is programmed to “cool” and set to the correct temperature. Sometimes thermostats can get reprogrammed by mistake, causing your unit to blow the wrong temperature air into your home! If your thermostat is correct, make sure that your air filters are clean and new. Old, clogged filters can negatively impact the performance of your unit. Once you have checked your thermostat and your filters, if you find that your AC isn't blowing cool air, then you need professional assistance. Contact our friendly staff at Ball Heating and Air Conditioning for expert diagnostics and repair.

Unusual Sounds

If your Wichita air conditioning system is suddenly making grating or squealing sounds, you could have a problem with a belt or gear inside your system. To avoid your system shutting down completely, contact our experts for immediate air conditioning repair as soon as possible!

System Turning Off and On Rapidly

If your air conditioner keeps turning off and on at random, and in quick succession, it may be short cycling, also known as rapid cycling. If your air conditioner system is exhibiting this erratic behavior, go ahead and confirm that your air conditioner filters are clean and new. If they are dirty and clogged, or if they are blocked by furniture of some kind, your air conditioner could be reacting to the air flow problem by short cycling. However, if your air intakes are not blocked and your filters are in good condition, then you may have a more serious issue on your hands. Our qualified Wichita professionals at Ball Heating and Air Conditioning will be able to expertly diagnose and repair the problems with your air conditioning system.

If you are have any of these or other air conditioning problems, contact our team at 316-733-4670 or complete our online request form for high-quality Wichita air conditioning services today!